At EPLAY, we build quality products on top of the uniquely valid data we collect from games played at all levels. Please find more information about these products below.

EPLAY LiveStats

Live stats and box scores are provided for free to the public at almost every EPLAY certified event. Please visit our live stats directory to navigate to your event. Click here to get started: GetEPLAY.com

EPLAY Player Gold

EPLAY Player Gold allows players, parents, and coaches - for the first time ever - to see how a player compares to their competition according to the stats. Players get full profiles with career stats (from all EPLAY events they've played in) and insights showing a report card on how they stack up and where the numbers suggest they need to improve. Click here to get started: EPLAYgold.us

EPLAY Certified & Gold Certified Events

EPLAY partners with event organizers (leagues, tournaments, schools, governing bodies, & more) to provide certified and gold certified statistics services for events. Please contact us today if you are interested in making your event EPLAY Certified or EPLAY Gold Certified. Reach out to info@eplay.us for more information.

ProViews by EPLAY

Our most robust product is ProViews by EPLAY. This product, designed for high-end professional and collegiate uses, includes draft modeling, career projections, historical player comparisons, and much more. For info, click here or contact proviews@eplay.us today!

More EPLAY Gold Products Coming Soon: Coach, Media, Scout, & Recruiter!

Be the first to find out about new premium products! For more information, contact us at info@eplay.us.

EPLAY Coach Gold - Full stats and in-depth analytics for your team from all EPLAY certified events you play in

EPLAY Media Gold - Searchable stats and analytics from all events in your region

EPLAY Scout Gold - Searchable stats and analytics, as well as player insights, from all in your region

EPLAY Recruiter Gold - Searchable stats, analytics, and player insights from across the country