About EPLAY, Inc.

EPLAY is basketball's unified ecosystem for verified statistics, analytics, global ratings, and digital content for EVERYONE.

EPLAY is revolutionizing how basketball is analyzed and recruited for the over 16 million youth and countless adults playing the sport at all levels in the US alone. As it stands, there is almost no valid data available at the club, high school, or semi-pro levels, and this makes it impossible to objectively scout or project future success. This is a multi-billion dollar problem globally.

EPLAY not only solves the massive data validity problem, but it also provides an objective player rating system (E-Score) that allows viewers across the world understand the context of a player or team's statistical performance on a global level.

A full suite of live statistics and analytics products keeps the entire ecosystem connected to the data they need - and in the context they need it - anytime, from anywhere. Players, coaches, scouts, recruiters, media, organizers, parents, and fans all receive customized views and are incentivized to collaborate.

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EPLAY Leadership Team

Ryan Girardot


Andrew Hemmings


Charles C. Gaines


Chris Marisic


Erick Strickland

Chief Basketball Officer

Alan Branch

Chief Strategic Officer

Dan Dickey

Chief Quantitative Officer

Christopher Jones

Director of Data Quality

Joshua Easterling

Director of Event Operations & Live Market Director - Houston, TX

Kipp Kester

Director of National Consumer Sales & Non-Live Market Director

Deric Daniels

Live Market Director - Los Angeles, CA

Jamie Horton

Live Market Director - Dallas-Fort Worth, TX